Three Tips on Prenuptial Agreements and Your Estate Plan

First Tip: Think of the children. When people with children from a past relationship get married the new spouses immediately become qualified to a part of the other’s estate. This can affect how much the children stand to recover. You can apply a prenuptial arrangement to waive your right to inherit from your spouse and make sure your children aren’t left out in the cold. Second Tip: Talk about the problem openly. No one likes to believe that your marriage will end in divorce, and some take the mere mention of a prenuptial agreement as an insult and a sign that you aren’t serious about the marriage. While talking of the subject can be challenging, it is crucial to be open and honest about your worries. No one knows what the future may bring, and any number of financial, personal and medical issues can lead a marriage to break up. If this occurs, you want your kids to be safe knowing their inheritance will not be involved. Third Tip: Discuss to your attorney. While couples in Murrieta can get in into prenuptial arrangements, each spouse should find out advice from his or her Murrieta probate attorney. There are few concerns that can cause a court to void a prenuptial arrangement, which in turn can lead to estate planning hassles. For instance, if a court sees that one party missed to properly disclose financial details to the other. A voided prenuptial arrangement can lead to significant battles that cost your estate time and money.