Sacramento workers comp attorney

You may be accredited to a permanent disability award if you have permanent problems from your injury. The award is based on a finding of whole person wreckage from the American Medical Association Guidelines to Permanent Impairment. The percentages are based on measurements, diagnosis, and pain. By keeping in mind for age, occupation, and diminished future earning capacity the number is adjusted.

The adjusted percentage ultimately results in a number of payments over time (see useful pdf documents permanent disability chart) In return for providing benefits without requiring the employee to prove the employer is at mistake  the employer receives immunity from a civil claim brought by the employee for the injury.  That is, the employee could not file a civil action against the employer for negligence (unless they are uninsured).   The employee’s exclusive remedy is the workers compensation attorney sacramento.  In case you are permanently impaired and cannot return to your date of injury job, there is a retraining voucher available.

Temporary disability benefits are calculated based upon the average weekly wage – the wages of the employee over a period of time are totaled up and then averaged. Once that average has been calculated, the employee is usually entitled to two thirds of that average weekly wage (up to a statutory ceiling of 1609.09 /1066.72 in 2013 and the minimum rate is 239.63/160.00 per week).

The second form of benefits received under workers’ compensation is medical coverage. If an employee is injured on the job, he or she is entitled to reasonable and necessary hospital and medical treatment related to that injury to hopefully get him or her back on her or her feet and able to resume his or her employment.  Medical benefits are severely regulated however and that results in many denials of care.  If the employee is not able to resume her or her former employment, then he or she may be entitled to rehabilitation services that will either allow him or her to return to some other form of employment or be trained in a new line of work.