5 Things You SHOULDN’T Do After Being Involved in a Car Accident

Regardless of how carefully we drive on the road, accidents can still happen. In fact, nearly 1.3 million people die from car accidents every year while another 50 million gets injured or disabled. The only real way to avoid a car accident is to stay off the road. However, that’s not something we can afford to do.

Hence, if you find yourself in a car accident, you need to take immediate action. So as to prevent the situation from worsening, here are 5 things you should NOT do right after a car accident:

  1. Assuming your injuries are minor

You might think that your injuries are minor after getting just a few bruises and scratches from a car accident. However, you’ll never know it can be more serious than you think. As much as possible, seek immediate medical assistance right after an accident. Never ever dismiss your minor injuries even if you believe all you got are bumps and bruises.

  1. Claiming responsibility

Claiming responsibility, whether you are the one at fault or not, is foolish. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises drivers to wait for the authorities to figure things out instead of admitting guilt.

Even though you might feel like it’s your fault, saying you’re sorry can only end up complicating things in the event another driver is found to be at fault.

  1. Not seeking legal help

You need to seek legal help as soon as possible right after a car accident. Calling for an auto accident attorney such as Rutter Mills, LLC can help you obtain the compensation required to get your life back on track.

With an auto accident attorney by your side, you can have a higher chance of winning a claim. Moreover, your attorney will be the one to guide you through the process and help you gather evidence that will increase your chances of winning the case.

  1. Fleeing the scene

You might attempt to escape from the scene right after a car accident. However, regardless of how minor the accident is, such act is considered illegal. In fact, it can be grounds for prosecution as a hit-and-run case. If injuries are involved, you might even suffer from heavy penalties for hit-and-run. Your best course of action following a car accident is to wait for the law enforcement to arrive.

  1. Not calling the authorities

Even if you suffer minor injuries, you should contact law enforcement officers immediately. The authorities will create a record of the accident and provide appropriate assistance. If the accident is serious, calling 911 immediately is of utmost importance.

Knowing what NOT to do after a car accident is just as important as knowing what to do after. This is true especially if you become a part of a car accident due to the negligence of another party. By keeping these tips in mind, you can be able to avoid further problems that might occur during the aftermath of a road crash.

Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Case

No one has complete control over the incidents that occur in their life. However, if you have been injured and you are convinced that it is owing to the reckless or negligence of another, then you ought to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can provide you with the counsel you need to get the compensation you deserve. During a trying time your legal counsel can deliver results that will help you in concrete and practical ways.

If you have suffered an injury, the most important thing is to get back your health. However, you should not allow those responsible for your injury to get away without paying for it.

What To Do After The Crash

There are times when a car crash cannot be avoided. The one you were in was not one of those moments. You are convinced that the driver who smashed into your car did so because they weren’t paying attention. Unfortunately, there are people on the road who do not grasp the basic fact that you cannot direct your attention to your cell phone or to passengers without increasing the risk crashing into another car.

If such a careless person is the cause of accident you were in, then you should file suit against them.

Your Lawyer’s Role

You have every right to claim damages. The lawyer you hire will help you do so. The coming months will be hard as you are forced to face more time out of work and mounting medical bills. You should not have to go through all of this alone. The person who put you into such a terrible situation should be compelled to pay money in an effort to make up for what they have done.

Personal injury lawyers, like all lawyers, are specially trained for their profession. They are also specialized in their field of law, and so they can give you proper counsel as to the right moves to make in law suit. When you have been injured, this kind of guidance and support is just what you need. It can be difficult to figure out exactly how to respond to such an accident. A lawyer such as the kind found at https://coganpower.com/ can give you all the information needed, so that you can make the best, most informed decision, possible.

All that said it is vital that you find the right lawyer to represent you. It is essential that the lawyer you choose to work with have the experience and competence to get the job done. You ought to expect your lawyer to answer all of your questions in a timely manner, and to provide friendly and helpful advice in a courteous way. Cost is also important. You should work with a lawyer whose fees are reasonable enough to ensure that you receive the bulk of the compensation awarded to you. Lawyers that meet such criteria carry the mark of excellence. They ought to be the ones you consider first when you are looking for someone to represent you.

Sometimes The Law Is The Only Option

The sound of sliding, screeching tires was the last thing you heard. Your memory from that day is hazy; but you do know that your car was hit. As the images begin to re-form, it is clear that you did everything right. As always, you drove in a disciplined and conscientious way. Unfortunately, not everyone does, and your accident is proof enough of that.

You Could Not Control It, But You Can Be Compensated For It.

Car accidents happen all of the time. The injuries sustained in such incidents can mean a long period of convalescence, and this could lead to job loss and financial difficulties. However, you don’t have to throw up your hands and act as though it was an act of fate that no one can be held responsible for. You cannot control the actions and errors of other people, but you can hold them responsible. More importantly, you can be compensated for their wrongdoing and negligence.

By working with a car accident attorney chicago you will have the comfort of knowing that you have an experienced litigator on your side.

Litigation May Not Be Necessary

If the prospect of months of drawn out litigation makes you reticent, then you should disabuse yourself of the notion. In all likelihood the matter can be settled out of court. Hiring a car accident attorney will help you gather all of the evidence you need to prove that it was the other driver’s fault. This will go a long way toward pressuring the respondent to settle the lawsuit.

An attorney will fight to get justice for you and your family. Hiring one puts a trained and expert legal mind to work on your case. The accident left you physically incapacitated. It has made going back to work impossible, which has had the follow on effect of depriving you of much need money. There is justice in the world and you are entitled to a share of it. It will not come on its own. You must take decisive steps to seize it. Lawyers specialized in personal injury can help you in this endeavor. They can ensure that you are not left without the means of redressing a legitimate complaint.

In the end, you are only asking for what is fair and right. You want no more than your just due. A car accident attorney can give you the counsel you need to meet that aim.

The law can be complex and trying. Pursuing a law suit can be very hard given all that you have been through since the accident. It can be a difficult thing to go through alone and without the right professional expertise and advice. In order to get through it with some measure of success and sanity it is best to work with a lawyer you can count on—a litigator that will be there for you. This can be a great comfort in times of need.