Why the Lawsuit was filed Against Stryker and Depuy?

In the year 2012, after the implant of the artificial hip replacement devices it was found that the huge failures arise due to the breakage of device. The devices of the hip replacement introduced and manufactured by the Stryker and the Depuy failed in functioning and after the implantation the device broke inside which resulted in major injuries. Many of the people suffered due to such problem and hence, a great anger prevailed among the people and this was the reason due to which all the patients filled a lawsuit against the Stryker and Depuy. The stryker depuy hip replacement lawsuit emerged as a huge disaster for their corporation.

Problems caused due to failure of device

The artificial hip replacement device failure resulted to in epic issues which had caused great damage to the patients. The device was implanted to last long but it resulted in breakage and hence, caused an adverse and serious effects on the people due to which the stryker depuy hip replacement lawsuit was filled. A huge problem emerged due to its failure which were bleeding, injuries, cobalt poisoning and many other major issues and hence, the injury lawyers recommended all the patients for the re surgery.

The court documents issued had contained that the additional surgery is required by the patients mainly for the bone reconstruction after the removal of the implanted artificial device from the hip of the patients. Another major issue which arose was the corrosion and fretting which was caused by the friction and wearing of the implanted device, which in return would release metal ions into the space around the joints. Due to such substance a local toxic reaction may burst up which may cause the tissues of the bones to die.

Next major problem caused by the failure of the artificial hip replacement device was the chromium and cobalt poisoning which caused the major problems such as thyroid dysfunction, cardiovascular disorder as well as hearing and vision loss. The device laid an adverse effect on the patients due to which there were various chances of allergic reactions and hence, looking towards this the lawyers of the injury recommended around 13 percent of the patients for the revived surgery. A heavy metal poisoning was caused from the release of the debris of the device into the bloodstream, which became the most harmful element for the people.

Did the revived surgery worked?

After hearing about such a disaster, all of us have a question that whether the revision surgery recommended to the patients worked or not? Well we all are very familiar with the fact that as the lawsuit was filed against the Stryker and the Depuy, the court ordered for the quick revision surgery of the patients to remove the implants and another surgery to reconstruct the affected bones. It is said that in few cases the revived surgery worked but few patients had suffered an extreme damage which came to be permanent.