Defamatory Comment – How to Deal with It

Due to the development of media and technology, nowadays it has become quite easy to communicate or circulate news or comments all around the world in a matter of seconds. So, it has become rather difficult to deal with all sorts of defamatory post on any websites.

There are also some factual reasons for you to get heavy on the social media. If you are facing defamation, reputation attack or damage is the main reason among them. It can become quite tough protecting your reputation or image from many justified critics in case you messed up.

You need to handle such kinds of attacks delicately for you wouldn’t want any supporters stirring up in your attacker’s side by heavily handling the matter. For more information, visit  and understand how and what can be done for it.

Being a web publisher you may also face much legal danger when it comes to the libel law. Being a publisher, you may hold liable for your specific writings and also for all the defamatory comments your users are making on the website.

A defamatory post is referred to that post which prints or writes about a person or a group due to which it can damage their reputation and can even incur many other losses. Such types of the post can be done intentionally because of actual malice or to lower someone in front of others.

When the victim of the defamation sues someone for a defamatory post, the defender is liable to some sort of defenses. There are mainly two kinds of defense.

Standard defenses

In respect to a defamatory comment, there are various defenses available to the publisher of a web in respect to the defamatory comments of the third party like:

  • Truth or justification– This is the most important one among other defenses. If the defendant is able to prove or show that a particular publication is factual or correct, then the person making the defamation will have a complete defense to the libel claim.
  • Fair comment– This defense is closely similar to that of justification. The defended can be liable to fair comment defense if the defamatory statement is made honestly out of the public interest as a comment or is grounded upon facts that may be proven as true, or the statement is made out of good faith without any malice.
  • Special public interest defense– The defense of special public interest is applicable by principle. However, we cannot be certain of the scope of this defense and is entirely not clear.

Special defenses

There are also some special defenses which enable a web publisher to protect himself. Such kind of defense can be made when he can show or prove that:

  • He was not the editor, publisher or the author of the complained statement
  • He took utmost care in things related to its publication
  • He didn’t know and didn’t have any reason to believe what he had done may have contributed or caused to a defamatory statement publication.

It can be quite a daunting task and overwhelm to deal with a defamatory statement. You can also seek a professional in dealing how you can stop a defamatory statement published against someone on your website.