When Dogs Attack

You should feel safe in your own neighborhood. Walking down the sidewalk or taking a turn in a nearby park should not put you in danger of a dog bite. Most dog owners are reasonable and contentious people. They understand that it is their responsibility to ensure their animal does not hurt anyone. There are others, however, who refuse to acknowledge this obligation. They allow dangerous and aggressive dogs to run wild when outside.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite, you should consider legal action.

When Dog Owners Are Unsafe

Unsafe dog owners put everyone they come across at risk. If an animal has not been properly trained and domesticated, they should not be allowed outside; if they are, special measures should be taken to ensure public safety. A failure to do so can lead to disastrous consequences.

Indeed, there is no such thing as a minor dog bite. If you have been attacked, you will need to go to emergency to get the bite cleaned and stitched up. You will also need to undergo a course of anti-biotics. The severer the bite the more extensive the medical intervention required. This might mean lost wages for time off work and extra expenses due to medical bills. The person whose recklessness and irresponsibility put you in such a situation should be made to pay.

Working With A Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a dog attack lawyer is the first step toward getting justice. Working with an attorney who specializes in dog attacks is the best means of shoring up your case against the person responsible.

All you have at the moment is a claim. It still must be proven that the person whose dog bit you is liable for your injuries. An expert attorney will be able to gather the relevant facts of your case and employ the relevant parts of law. As the evidence and arguments mount, the strength of your suit will become more and more apparent.

The Right To Be Treated Fairly

Some people may try to talk you out of filing a lawsuit. They may say that it is impossible for anyone to control their dog’s every action. This is a wrongheaded way of thinking. It is in the power of every dog owner to take measures that will prevent their animal from biting people. If you did not threaten the person of the dog owner or trespass their property, then you should not have been bitten. There is no plainer way of saying it.

You are not looking for revenge; nor are you suing out of personal dislike or disdain of dogs. Your suit is about getting justice for an incident caused by negligence. Your aim is to be treated fairly. You should not have to shoulder the financial burden brought on by the dog attack, nor should you go without compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Receiving a fair and equitable sum of money is a reasonable compensation for the damages you’ve sustained.