Why You Need A Lawyer After Your DUI Arrest

The aim of the law enforcement and prosecutorial system is to make arrests and get convictions. Whomever it puts in its sights is worked upon until they are convicted of what they are suspected of doing. It is only natural to feel intimidated and threatened after an arrest for DUI. That is exactly how the authorities want you to feel. They want it to seem like you have no choice but to admit to your crime.

The fact is you do have a choice. Your right to remain silent is inviolable. These words when spoken by the arresting officer mean something. You do not have to say anything that will be used in evidence against you. In fact, you should not say anything at all until you have had a chance to speak to a oui lawyer northampton.

Building Your Defense

Speaking to a lawyer is the first step toward your defense. It constitutes the first move that is necessary to clear your name of the charges against you. The important thing to remember is that you are innocent until proven guilty. It is not up to you to prove your innocence; it is incumbent upon the prosecution to prove your guilt.

Police and prosecutors may tell you of all the evidence they have against you. But without a breathalyzer or blood test it is simply their word against theirs. You cannot be convicted on that alone, and your attorney will ensure that you are not.

Lawyers trained in DUI defense know how to challenge the evidence as it is presented by the other side; they have expertise in examining and refuting facts and arguments that are submitted with the aim of securing your conviction.


It is important to put your fate in the hands of a professional who knows how to handle such cases. A conviction for DUI carries serious consequences. It can lead to a heavy fine, suspension of your driver’s license for some years, and even time in prison. You don’t want to take any chances with your defense. You want to ensure that the person representing you has a solid record of getting innocent people acquitted and even those who are not in a position to deny drinking under the influence a reasonable penalty.

Getting To And Just And Reasonable Outcome

If it is the case that the prosecution has considerable evidence against you, then you still need a lawyer. In this instance, you want someone who will be able to negotiate effectively with the prosecution. You may a mistake, an error in judgment; you should not receive a punishment that is overtop and completely disproportionate to what you’ve done.

Your lawyer will be able to plead your case in a way that will get you a light penalty. This is important. You have a reputation to uphold, a job to keep, and a family to take care of. You don’t want any of those things jeopardized because of a moment’s indiscretion.